Moving from 3D to 2D

As the first project, I find it most important to keep your plans for a game at a managable level, so you don't get distracted too much by the workload of processes, which might become an easy workflow somewhere along the line, but create unnecessary hurdles as you first discover problems which aren't related to the vision you want to translate into a game. I decided to remove most 3D related problems and nuances out of the equation and move from an orthographic three dimensional gameworld to a flat surface model, similar to Rimworld. Well, not really real 2D, as it is a 3D setup with an orthographic camera from the top, but still, it helps a ton. Content creation and 3D space orientation and positioning, as well as hit detection and physics are just a few.

Moving away from fixed ship hulls to a fully tileable world showed to be much more accessible in the first work sessions, so this will be the first shift in gameplay direction. Hopefully one of many to come. The new starportgame will even more focus on the tycoon genre than simple ship management.

The new plan will be a simulated world, where you manage your starport tycoon style, think of mos eisley starport of starwars.

Stay tuned.